International Recipes

 In the midst of this COVID-19 we can not travel but we can make our way around the world through our kitchens right at home. One of the best ways to tap into a country’s culture is through their food.  


I’ve traveled the internet for you to curate a few recipes from some of the places I’ve drifted to around the world. Check out the amazing recipes from chefs around the world and be inspired to have delicious aromas filling your home. Cheers to the chefs that have shared these recipes on their websites.

The Bahamas
Boiled fish and grits. An easy to make limey breakfast recipe from the Bahamas,
Ackee and Saltfish: The national Jamaican dish that is everyone's favorite.
Paella: A classic dish from Spain. If you know your way around the kitchen this one isn't too difficult to make.
Veracruz Style Red Snapper: This fish dish will have you looking like a top chef from Mexico!
Feijoada: A classic Brazilian hearty stew
Thai Red Curry

A classic Thai recipe full of spice!
The Middle East
An at home recipe to make delicious chicken shwarma.
Pickliz: a must have super peppery Haitian food addition
Masala Chai: I wish I could end every meal with this savory sweet Indian treat.
Lomo Saltado: This Chifa (Chinese Peruvian) dish is a classic that is super easy to cook.
Flan: A classic latin dessert with a twist
Crepes: My favorite fillers for this classic dessert are Nutella and Grand Marnier.
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