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(ep 5) How can I practice self care? An interview with Hopi Noel Morton

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The Collective Drift  platform was created to celebrate all women, the beauty of their cultures, and international travel experiences. I believe that women possess magic, that gives them strength and grace to change the world. We learn how to tap into our power in various ways based on our cultural backgrounds and our journeys. Join me and an amazing collective of multicultural and ethnic women that are artists, cultural leaders and travel enthusiasts as they tell their stories about their culture, their tribe of women, their passions, their art, and their favorite international experiences.  Welcome to Collective Drift.

(ep 5) How can I practice self care? An interview with Hopi Noel Morton

How do you practice self care? How do you find balance? How do you make time for yourself? How do you take care of yourself? In my interview with Hopi Noel Morton I learned that self care is the way she lives her life. In order to be successful and to help others you must help yourself first. You must put your air mask on first before you can help someone else. Self care is something that Hopi’s mother taught her. Through her mother she’s learned that even beauty is a part of taking care of yourself. If you at a minimum wake up and get dressed and make yourself look good it can start the projector of feeling good. Through her aunts biological and not she learned to take care of herself by unapologetically putting herself first. You must create time for yourself.

This episode is sponsored by Knight Foundation in support of PAMM- Perez Art Museum Miami’s fund for African American Art. Their annual ART + Soul Celebration is this Saturday, February 15th. It’s my favorite party of the year in Miami. Purchase your tickets at choose celebration for the party and feel free to use my discount code DRIFT2020.

In our interview with Hopi we learn about her company Hopi Works where she helps people who helps people. She gets to work with artists and filmmakers, but more importantly she gets to work with people and projects that she likes. This exemplifies how Hopi has mastered the art of self care. She’s worked on projects with Will and Jada Smith, on Caribbean film festivals, and is now traveling the globe supporting a documentary on tattoo artistry around the world. This project is exploring the history, art and transformational work of tattoo artistry.

Hopi has traveled all over the world. And has had the opportunity to see some amazing places, have authentic memorable experiences, and connect with the people when she travels. Hopi talks about her trip to the Island of Lamu, Kenya. Through her experience in Lamu she was able to learn more about Muslim culture as well as gain a deeper understanding and respect for the modest aspects of being a Muslim woman. Prior to visiting Lamu she looked at their modesty as oppression rather than a choice. After getting to know the women of Lamu she learned that this was a choice, that they were flourishing leaders, and they were empowered. That the women felt there was a time and a place for modesty and a time for being sexy. She tells us about a magical experience she had while attending a women’s celebration, where only women attended. She talks about how the women danced, how they had jasmine under their clothes, and about the stories they shared.

Hopi has traveled extensively around the world and has provided us with a few authentic travel tips. Hopi’s preference is traveling to places where she can stay close to nature. She still wants nice accommodations and loves luxury so we aren’t talking about camping, but she’d rather not stay in a city. She recommends staying with friends as a base and traveling to other cities around the area. Hopi also recommends renting a house and possibly having a local chef so that you can have authentic food. She also truly recommends the tried and true method of talking to friends and other travelers that have been to the country and city you are visiting.

While Hopi has lived in multiple cities around the world she calls Miami home. She feels like Miami is a place where she feels most comfortable being her. Hopi’s background is mixed, her mother has Dutch and Finish heritage and her father is African American. Miami’s diverse culture allows her to fit in. She also loves that Miami gives her easy access to cities around the world. She’s able to fly to places nationally and internationally with ease right out of Miami International Airport. She also loves the arts and feels that institutions such as the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) and Art Basel making Miami an art hub of the world.

When asked what Hopi would like to ask other women, she responded she wants to know: What keeps you balanced? How do you take care of yourself? What are your wellness resources? What do you do to feed your soul? Where do you shop? Where have you traveled to lately? What vitamins do you take?

Hopi's definition of what is being a woman? Embracing all that our higher power has empowered us with and graced us with.

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