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(ep 4) How Can Living Abroad Change Me with artist Beatriz Chachamovits

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

The Collective Drift  platform was created to celebrate all women, the beauty of their cultures, and international travel experiences. I believe that women possess magic, that gives them strength and grace to change the world. We learn how to tap into our power in various ways based on our cultural backgrounds and our journeys. Join me and an amazing collective of multicultural and ethnic women that are artists, cultural leaders and travel enthusiasts as they tell their stories about their culture, their tribe of women, their passions, their art, and their favorite international experiences.  Welcome to Collective Drift.

During this episode of Collective Drift, I sat down with marine activist and Brazilian artist, Beatriz Chachamovits.  We dove into a multitude of topics including her art, marine life, Brazilian culture and living abroad.

Beatriz is passionate about marine life and her artwork is a display of her love for it. A large body of Beatriz’s artwork is on coral reef systems, these drawings and sculptures are highly detailed and intricate. Her work largely depicts endangered sea life to show the destruction of the ocean and its animals due to human disregard. Rather than finishing the pieces in their lifelike bright hues, Beatriz leaves her corals and sponges absent of color for you to see the corals as they are dead.

Beatriz told us about how she gained her love for the marine world.  She told us about her passion for marine life and the importance of protecting it. And also discussed her rituals for beginning and ending her artwork. We also touched a little on the fires in the Brazilian Amazon. 

Growing up in Brazil provided Beatriz with access to an array of cultures. We talked about the rich diversity of cultures within Brazil, the positive impacts of it as well as the current ethnic and racial divides that seem to be happening around the world.  We also spoke about her Jewish and Brazilian cultural influences including a story about her very passionate grandmother. The center is her favorite place in Sao Paulo where you can go to really feel the authentic essense of the city. We talked about how cultures are expressed through Brazilian food. 

Although Beatriz grew up in a very culturally diverse Brazil she mostly was exposed to other Jewish Brazilians. When she lived in Australia for 6 months in a student exchange program she had the opportunity to actually experience other cultures. That time in her life changed her - it made her understand that she needed cultural diversity. She tells us about her time in Tel Aviv, how the women there are so strong, the amazing art scene, the night life, and even her first experience with another woman. 

Beatriz wants to know: What makes you stronger?

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