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What is Collective Drift?

What is Collective Drift?

The Collective Drift  platform was created to celebrate all women, the beauty of their cultures, and international travel experiences. I believe that women possess magic, that gives them strength and grace to change the world. We learn how to tap into our power in various ways based on our cultural backgrounds and our journeys. Join me, Erica Knowles and an amazing collective of multicultural and ethnic women that are artists, cultural leaders and travel enthusiast as they tell their stories about their culture, their tribe of women, their passions, their art, and their favorite international experiences.  Welcome to Collective Drift.

In this episode I’ve taken some time to introduce myself and Collective Drift to you. I will tell you a little bit about my professional background, my experience with culture, as well as my journey abroad and how this inspired Collective Drift. I go into further detail to explain what this podcast is about. And finally I answer a few questions from the Collective Drift Facebook Group including:  Where do you plan your next travel adventure?  Will you be planning collective trips? What are your plans for collaborating with other women? Will your discussions be multilevel? What types of women are you inspired to interview?

I asked the group where they would like to travel to. They mentioned quite a few places some were places I’ve been to. And I took this opportunity to tell a quick story about my trip to Ethiopia. To wrap up the discussion with the Collective Drift Facebook Group I asked them a question and I’ll ask you the same. What would they like to ask the interviewees?  I’ll leave this as question on the Collective Drift facebook page, youtube channel and instagram account. Are you following us? Make sure you are and answer the question what would you like me to ask our interviewees. 

Where to find Erica and Collective Drift:

Instagram: @CollectiveDrift

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