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About Collective Drift

Shespiration Media Group, produces Collective Drift, a multimedia platform that connects women of all ethnicities that enjoy culture, travel, and the finer moments in life. We create curated spaces locally and internationally for women to share their stories, experience the arts, and enjoy authentic fine dining experiences. We produce rich content that celebrates women, the beauty of cultures, and travel around the world.

Each year we interview 100 women to learn and share stories about their culture, their tribe of women, and their favorite experiences while traveling the world. The interviews are published in a variety of formats, such as the blog, Collective Drift the Journey of 1000 Women book series, and the Collective Drift podcast.

These women are influential and cultured women, multi-generational, and are diverse in terms of ethnicity and race. The curated group of women are chosen due to their current work and/or embodiment that proves their dedication to honoring their culture and/or that of others.

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Collective Drift - Testimonials

"Wonderful, I am inspired and open to new possibilities and new cultures."

"The event was fantastic! Well balanced. I liked being able to learn about something (tea ceremony). It was great to meet the other women but I liked that there was an activity attached. Food and drinks also always make events better!”

"I loved it! This group wants to talk and bond. I loved connecting and hearing everyone's stories. Thank you and congrats!!"

"Absolutely amazing and informative I have three ladies I am speaking to after, perfect setting, and room of different individuals"

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Erica Vernet Knowles

Founder & Publisher

Erica Vernet Knowles, is a Miami native, an international traveler, and a culture enthusiast. She is known for having a beautiful personality, her ability to help others communicate their message, and for connecting people. Erica is the founder and producer of Collective Drift. 

With over 20 years of climbing America’s corporate ladder, Erica found her niche in the media industry serving as an executive director, publisher, and editor-in-chief for 5 publications. However, she grew up watching her grandmother travel the world, experiencing the arts, and taking international trips with her family.  So, Erica has always had a calling for the arts, culture and travel.

In the summer of 2011 Erica began her journey abroad spending a vast amount of time in Lima and Bangkok. She has had the amazing opportunity to visit 30+ countries within Africa, South East Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe and South America.

Erica's journey has widened her viewpoint of self in relation to others around the world. Furthermore, she gained true friends that are like family around the world and an enhanced appreciation of their culture. 

It is the connections with the women she has met while traveling that has inspired Collective Drift.

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