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Collective Drift Events

Collective Drift brings people together to experience international culture, authentic dining, and an opportunity to connect with amazing people that enjoy travel.

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Past Events

Travel Chat Dine-

Authentic Travel Experiences

February 2020

50 international travel lovers and foodies came together to enjoy Travel Chat Dine, a networking event where attendees got to talk about their love of travel and enjoy authentic cuisines. “I created Travel Chat Dine to bring together people that share the joy of international travel. We had amazing conversations about authentic travel experiences while indulging on Ethiopian food,” Erica Knowles...

The Art of Becoming a Woman - A Rum Punch Brunch

December 2019

100 women representing various ethnicities, races and ages gathered together to close out Art Miami Week at Collective Drift’s the Art of Becoming a Woman - A Rum Punch Brunch at the Art Africa Miami Arts Fair in the Overtown neighborhood of Miami.

Soft Launch



Sept 2019

Over 30 women gathered, of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds to bond, inspire each other, and an experience the Soft Launch of Collective Drift. They were authentic, they shared the stories of your journey, and they connected with other beautiful women.

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Join us in Barbados!

This will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy yourself with women that also enjoy culture, the arts, and travel. We are curating a trip where you will stay in a luxury hotel, enjoy authentic food, meet interesting Bajan woman, and have bespoke experiences.


Erica Vernet Knowles

Founder and Producer

Hi, I'm Erica Vernet Knowles, a Miami native, an international traveler, and a culture enthusiast. I am the founder and producer of Collective Drift. I spent a lot of time in the corporate world, but I honed my leadership in media. Operating as the Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, and the Executive Director for multiple publications on business and entertainment.  

Culture and travel have always been my passion. Having the opportunity to spend 3 years abroad between Peru and Thailand, and traveling all around the world gave me experiences, friendships and memories that have changed my life forever. It is the connections that I made while traveling that has inspired Collective Drift.

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"Collective Drift is Culture, Arts, Travel, and Fun with Intention,"


Miriam Soberanes @RareVelvetDesigns

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The multicultural event of Art Basel Miami 2019

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