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The Soft Launch of Collective Drift

Over 30 women gathered, of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds to bond, inspire each other, and an experience the Soft Launch of Collective Drift. You were authentic, you shared the stories of your journey, and you connected with other beautiful women. You were you!

We got to eat some great food from Shuckin & Jivin, sip on Almafi Coast, Italian wine from PRP Wines, participate in Vibes Lifestyle's meditative tea ceremony, view Jason Baldwin's photographs of dancer in Cuba, and enjoy our gifts from Miss Jessie's. I must say we had a great time!


"Beautiful event. Concept and energy!"


"Loved it! This group wants to talk and bond. I loved connecting and hearing everyone's stories. Thank you and congrats!!"


"Absolutely amazing and informative I have 3 ladies I am speaking to after, perfect setting, and room of different individuals"


"Wonderful, I am inspired and open to new possibilities and new cultures."


"The event was fantastic! Well balanced. I liked being able to learn about something (tea ceremony). It was great to meet the other women but I liked that there was an activity attached. Food and drinks also always make events better!"

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